Around the Colvin Cottage: Lavender is Amazing!

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What a fun week!  I worked Monday and Tuesday, but the rest was pure summer fun!

As a teacher I love my summers, but I miss my friends.  I got to see some of my favorite girls from work on Wednesday.  Our conversation dwelled upon the political nature of church. We all find it sad when differing interpretations of the Bible split churches and causes some Christians to avoid church.

Thursday was all about family!  Big Daddy was off from work.  We took the kids out for lunch and played all day.

Friday, the kids and I joined a friend to explore a lavender farm.  Yeah, I know.  It sounds odd and bit boring.  Actually, we had a great time.  The kids loved the farm animals, except the very ugly turkeys.  It smelled amazing from all of the blooms.  I bought some great products.  We even cut our own bouquets to bring home to dry.  My house looks like a wreck right now, but it smells great!  The farm is called White Oak Lavender.

The lavender was awesome!

The lavender was awesome!

When we got home, we started baking.  I signed up to bring cookies to a fundraising event for our church.  We had to bake 72 cookies, plus a few for us to eat at home.  Of course, Super Hero Son helped with the icing. Then he fell asleep on the couch, full of cookies and enjoying the aromatherapy of lavender.

Iced Cookies Ready for Sale

Iced Cookies Ready for Sale

Fast asleep!  Yep, that is icing on his face.

Fast asleep! Yep, that is icing on his face.

I hope your week was as much fun as ours!