Prayer for the Giver

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Today is a Christmas party for my kids at their sitter’s house. Superhero Son helped me wrap last night. They draw names, so we had a gift from each of our kids, and a third gift for their sitter.

This morning, I realized that I felt kind of sad for Superhero Son. He is so excited about getting a gift today, but it won’t be any of the gifts on his Christmas list. He asked for about 3 big items, but Santa will take care of those. His friends will get something small today. I hope he gets something he likes, but I have a greater wish for him.

I pray that he can receive the joy of giving.  He is 4 1/2 now. He is old enough to understand that he helped with the gifts for others. I hope he gets excited when he gives. The blessings from giving are never disappointing.

He isn’t a picky kid. I am sure he will love his gift today. I just pray the gift of giving sinks in as well.



Being His Hands and Feet

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God was with David as he faced Goliath. He appeared in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego in the fiery furnace. He closed the mouths of the lions to save Daniel. God knows how to pull off big time rescues!

So why does he need us? He doesn’t!   However, just like He used Moses, He likes using us to help perform His miracles.

God wants us to help others as a way of serving Him. That may mean a donation to the Salvation Army or helping a family celebrate Christmas. I can think of about a dozen families in my small school who are struggling just to find enough food this month. They need people to step forward and be the Hands and Feet of God!

As you finish up your Christmas shopping, how can you help others this December?


Sunday Mornings When Everyone Cries


As a child, I don’t remember church being an emotional place unless you were there for a wedding or funeral.  In fact I remember thinking it was about the most boring place my parents could make me go.  I distinctly recall wondering why anyone would skip Sunday School and just come for the 11:00am service.

This is not a reflection of my ministers.  I loved a couple my childhood ministers.  My family became great friends with them.  I just don’t ever recall enjoying a sermon or seeing someone showing an emotional reaction to the Holy Spirit.

As an adult, I have seen it on more than a few occasions.  This past Sunday, I had the privilege of witnessing God’s mighty hand moving through my congregation.

My friend, Keith, author of the devotions I am compiling into the book With Unveiled Face, presented the book to the church.  We needed about $1700.00 to proceed with publication.  Our leadership team had agreed to fund the project, but wanted the church to step up and donate if possible.  Keith and a member of the leadership team clearly explained that all money from the book would go directly to our building fund, so we can build our church. (We still meet in a high school.)

The leadership team opened the floor for discussion.  I panicked.  I was afraid someone would want to pull our funding.  I jumped for the microphone, having no idea what I would say.  Actually, I don’t remember what I said!

Another man, an amazing man in our church, asked for the mic.  He was in tears.  He explained that he arrived at church knowing about our project.  He did not feel like he needed to donate money because he thought the book would pay for itself.  Until we spoke!  He then felt like God was calling him out to prove “where your treasure lies, there your heart lies also” (Matthew 6:21).

He said his family would donate $100.00.  Within seconds the church exploded with people on their feet, yelling that they would also be giving.  This man called on 17 families to give.  The leadership team asked for a show of hands of those willing to give.  We stopped counting at 20.  As I looked around, most were in tears.  People around me were in awe of the work of the Holy Spirit and the willingness of our congregation to serve.

Afterwards, I heard stories of families who were down to their last $100 for the month.  They used it to fund this book.  They stepped out in faith.  They were willing to place their treasure in the future of their church.  I was humbled by their generosity and their faith in God and us.

I know God used this book to move in the hearts of His people.  The Holy Spirit washed through my congregation.

What is the Holy Spirit calling you to do today?  Do you need to place your treasure in God?  Do you need to step out in faith?