Motivation Found on the Treadmill

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I am tired!  We are trying to get our house ready for the market. The book is coming along, but slowly.  I am wrapping up my school year with testing.  My baby is about to turn one year old.  My four year old is, well, he is four.  That is all I need to say about that!

Over the past few weeks, life has gotten so crazy that I neglected to run.  I didn’t make it to the gym for DAYS!  I decided to head back this week after about twenty days without exercising.  I anticipated difficulty getting back into my rhythm.   Boy was it rough!  I felt guilty for skipping days, for my horrid eating habits, and for my lazy attitude toward life.  I realized that I needed to find some motivation to get back on that treadmill and give it my best.  I really wanted to just quit!

A little less than a mile into my run, I noticed the television set closest to me was displaying information about the NFL draft.  I don’t typically care about the NFL, but it was the only tv for which I could read the subtitles from my treadmill.  

As I watched, I began to wonder how many times those athletes had to start over.  I wondered how many of them had an easy road to get to the NF,L or if they were constantly coming against hardship and struggle.  I bet most of them had to start over at some point.  Injury, bad luck, and lack of opportunity may have tempted some of them to give up and quit.  I decided that wasn’t an option for them, or for me!

While I watched the NFL draft, I noticed these young men were overwhelmed with joy when their name was called.  It was all I needed to push a little harder and faster on that treadmill.  I was easily reminded that my goals won’t be achieved unless I can pick myself up from hardships, too.  

Find your motivation.  Find a way to get back on the treadmill!