Home Sweet Home!

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Whew!!! Vacations are amazing!  I love spending days with my husband.  We just returned from our last trip of the summer.  I now have three days to whip this crew into shape before this momma returns to work!

My husband is an amazing man!  He spent the vast majority of our recent vacation doing things for the kids that he doesn’t normally do.  He changed diapers, poured cups of milk, fed Darling Daughter (not easy without a highchair!), played non stop, and put kids to bed.  However, he is now back at work!

Our normal routine is about to return.  In three days, I go back to teaching full time.  I am not sure my family is fully prepared for rushed dinners, laundry that has to wait until Saturdays, hours of Mommy grading papers instead of playing games together, and earlier bedtimes.  Yeah, I know!  I should have eased them back into those earlier bedtimes!

It is an odd feeling to see summer end and fall begin.  I have mixed feelings.  I adore spending extra time with my family, the freedom of not working full time, and all the fun summertime activities.  However, I also love fall.  I love fresh starts at work.  I love watching a new class of fifth graders settle in for an amazing year.  I love the food associated with fall.  (You know what I mean!  Baked cinnamon apples, soups, brown beans and cornbread!)  And then, of course, there is football!  We ALL love our football in this house!

So, today, I write with sadness as I say goodbye to another amazing summer.  But I also feel the excitement of returning to work, returning to routine, and welcoming fall into my home. 



Return to Routine

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I love summer.  I love the freedom, the sun, the ability to pack the kids and go wherever we want, and I love getting together with friends and family.  I especially love having so much time to spend with my kids.  I even see my husband more since I don’t go to bed as early, and we are all home together on his day off, Tuesdays!  The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of schedule!

Lately, the kids have been staying up later than usual, our meals are haphazard, I haven’t been working much at all, and I have spent far more time reading than cleaning or folding clothes.  While this has created a fun month or so for our family, I think the remainder of the summer is going to have to get back to a more normal routine.

I can’t help it!  I thrive on routine!  It drives my husband crazy, but I need a schedule.  When I make schedules, I need for everyone to stick to it!  Did I mention that it drives my husband crazy?

So….after more than a week without writing, several weeks without planned meals, and far too many days with cranky kids who need more regular sleep, it is back to the schedule we go!

Coming soon…. more inspirational women, lots of book reviews, guest writers, devotions, and more!