The Long, Sleepless Nights


I don’t usually write on Wednesday mornings.  However, I skipped yesterday morning because nobody in our house slept Monday night.  Darling Daughter decided to keep us all up nearly all night long!

She is great sleeper.  In fact, she missed most of her first 8 weeks because we couldn’t keep her awake for anything.  In the evening when I ask her if she is ready for bed, she immediately goes up the steps and into the bathroom to brush her teeth.  If I don’t follow her fast enough, she fusses.  She loves sleep!

Monday night, when she couldn’t stay asleep, we knew something was wrong.  It could have been a tooth coming in, a hurt lip from a fall earlier in the day, or she could be catching a bug that made her feel bad.  I don’t know.  Her verbal skills are still very limited at only 17 months.  The fact of the matter is that the girl was up crying every twenty to thirty minutes all night long!

In the midst of a never-ending night, knowing there is a full day of work lying ahead, depression seeps into us.  It is one of those dark moments in the life of a mom when we call upon the strength of the Lord, because we run out of our own strength in the first few hours.  It can be so hard to hold a screaming child and feel helpless.  

When my nights are long, here are some things I try to remember.  First of all, God won’t give me more than I can handle.  That doesn’t mean it will be easy.  Sometimes I am only able to move forward because he allows me to tap into His power, strength, and might. Secondly, the sun always shines after the storm.  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may endure through the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

We all face our share of hard nights.  Usually they are due to trials with those we love.  What are our options?  I could give up my children and reclaim all nights as mine.  I could encourage others to not have children, or even get married at all, because both relationships mean extreme sacrifice.  I could tell others to not ever love another because love drives us to lose our “me-time!”  Hopefully you find these options as absurd as I do!

When we love, bring others into our lives, and live the life God designed for us, we will have hard, long, sleepless nights!  However, the joy that comes in the morning far outweighs the sacrifice.