Allowing Grace

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“And Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.'” (Mark 10:18)

I like to think that I am an understanding,  forgiving kind of a person. I bet you are, too. You probably don’t hold grudges, and you forgive your husband or wife when they burn dinner or track mud through the house. I bet you forgive your kids daily for their imperfections. In fact, I bet you embrace those imperfections and treasure the ones that give your family a good laugh. Do you extend the same grace to yourself?

I noticed not too long ago that Superhero Son inherited a hard trait from me. He was working on a craft and got frustrated. He couldn’t make his art work look the way it did in his head.  He began to pitch a fit and cry.

I, too, am lacking in the crafty, artsy talent. I remember attempting projects and getting really frustrated with myself when I couldn’t get it right when I was younger. I heard myself telling Superhero Son that he doesn’t have to be perfect,  and his art doesn’t have to be perfect either.

So yesterday was another icy day on the hill! Schools were 2 hours delayed. I needed 2 more! Our part of the county was slick! What did I do? Slid on ice while driving downhill. Into a ditch. Into a tree.

Yep. Into a tree.

I found myself, while thankful that no one was hurt, really mad at myself.  It took a while, but eventually I remembered that I am not perfect.  I can’t drive on ice. I can, however, fix my car.

I had to remember to extend grace to myself.

Do you allow grace to forgive you? Do you extend grace to yourself?


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