A Study of Luke: Part 1

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“For nothing will be impossible with God.” And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”  (Luke 1:37-38)

One of the new features of this blog, along with the posts about the organization of my house, will be posts about my own personal study of the Bible.  For starters, I am taking a look at the book of Luke.  

I am currently using a study from the Good Morning Girls.  Their studies are slow moving and designed for busy lives!  Thus the appeal.  I chose their study on Luke because it coincides with my study of Matthew that I am doing with my middle school kids at church.  I think we will spend some time comparing the two men this week.

I am only 1 chapter in, but here are two thoughts so far.

1.  The book of Luke begins as a letter.  Luke thought it was his job to share the story of Jesus with others by writing it out.  Not only was he a physician who gave up his career to follow Jesus, but after Jesus’s death, he continued the ministry.  I also appreciate that more than half of the book is comprised of the words of Jesus.

2.  Now we get to Mary.  She is fresh in our minds after the Christmas season.  What struck me as new was her question to Gabriel.  She asks how she is to conceive a child.  I have heard it before, but never stopped to think that even Mary asked, “How?”  When I feel like God is calling me to do a task, my first question is usually the same.  How will I get it done?  I understand that God can do all things.  I get that I have to have faith in God.  I still wonder how?! 

Of course, after asking Gabriel how she could accomplish such a feat, she quickly agreed to serve.  I aspire to be like Mary.  She received her answer of how God intended to work through her.  It didn’t matter that she probably was filled with more questions.  She simply agreed to serve.  I hope to so quickly agree and allow God to do His work through me.  

As I continue my study of Luke, I hope you will join me by reading the chapters as I do.